Projectize Knowledgebase and Best Practice Repository

Unique to Projectize is the ability to provide organizations with an innovative PM Portal to complement our training and consulting solutions. The Projectize Framework is a ready-to-use knowledgebase with tools, templates, best practices and lessons learned.

The Projectize knowledgebase can be integrated into the project management community and combined with company specific content to provide a valuable resource. The knowledgebase content is designed to extended learning opportunities and become a just-in-time training resource as well as a repository for lessons learned and best practices.

    Key features include:

  • Step-by-step standard PM processes compliant with PMI’s, PMBoK
  • Rich library of over 100 ready to use templates, tools, forms and checklists
  • Cross reference for process steps and PMBoK knowledge areas
  • Just-in-Time training tool for project teams
  • Capability to build a rich library of context-specific best practices
  • PMO Portal-Centralized repository for all PM Information

“Over the years we have been using a lot of our own home-grown processes, but we had no standardized structure. The Projectize Knowledgebase provide a framework to marry our practices with industry standard best practices in an organized way.”
– PMO Manager

“We have spent a lot of money on elaborate PM tools that were never used. This framework will help our PM’s with a simple, step-by-step and scalable approach, and there is a lot more buy-in for this approach. ”
– IT Director