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We are committed to creating unprecedented business results and outcomes. Following are illustrative examples of results from Projectize engagements:

PMO Design & Implementation and OPM3 Assessment

If you are an IT organization of a large government agency and you have a mandate to build a PMO, how do you start? Since 2005 PG have worked with this organization to build and mature a PMO. Early on it was decided to measure and benchmark the progress using PMI's Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3). Read more

  • The overall OPM relative maturity was improved from 11% to 48%
  • Implemented a PM methodology and related tools and templates with 95% compliance in a year and half
  • Increased project success rate by 30%
  • Improved customer satisfaction by 16%

Enterprise PMO Facilitation

When you have 8 different subsidiaries and you are trying to establish an enterprise level PMO, where do you start? PG brought together the key stakeholders from the different subsidiaries to chart a PMO roadmap and identify the structure, functions and roles and responsibilities and a governance framework. Read more

  • Gained buy-in from various stakeholders about need, purpose and value for PMO at the enterprise level
  • Identified existing PMOs in different silos and established ways to find common ground and complement each other
  • Prepared strategy to anticipate and deal with political, cultural and other challenges
  • Phase I of the PMO roadmap implemented in 60 days

PMO Re-invention and Transformation

This leading energy delivery company in North America had established a PMO for 3 years focusing on typical tactical initiatives like establishing processes, tools and reporting. The new director of the PMO after attending our Next Generation PMO workshop realized that the value of the existing PMO was plateaued and the PMO had to re-invent and transform itself to continue to offer value to the organization. We worked with the PMO team to re-define the mission and purpose of the PMO.Read more

  • Transformed from a tactical focus to more of a strategic focus
  • Re-prioritized PMO efforts from low-value to high value business impact initiatives
  • Identified business opportunities which were being overlooked due to PMOs limited focus
  • Re-positioned from project delivery focus to benefits realization and business value focus

PM Methodology Implementation

This famous global restaurant chain wanted to establish a PMO with a standard PM methodology supported with tools and templates in an easy to use format. The challenge was to keep it simple and to meet the challenges of speed and agility in the fast-paced restaurant business. PG implemented the PMO-in-a-Box, PM Framework. The framework provided step by step guidance, tools, templates, examples and resource suggestions to assist project managers and team members with developing or improving best practices. Read more

  • Provided a rich library of over 100 ready to use templates, tools, forms and checklists
  • Created a cross reference for process steps and PMBoK knowledge areas
  • Just-in-Time training resource for project teams
  • 80% methodology compliance in first year
  • 78% PM satisfaction with PM methodology
  • 7% increase in project success rate

Portfolio Management Implementation

What do you do when new initiatives and projects are pouring in and there is no process to intake, prioritize and apply demand management and capacity planning? PG started by facilitating a portfolio management workshop with key stakeholders to identify the context and the specific points of pain. We collaborated to develop a portfolio management and related governance processes and associated templates and tools. Within six months:
Read more

  • Created a current inventory projects and programs
  • Identified percentage of projects (72%) meeting alignment goals
  • Identified 3 redundant initiatives in different departments, consolidation saved $1.2 million

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Tool Implementation

Executives in this insurance company wanted more transparency into projects with better reports and dashboards. They were very keen to implement a PPM tool after seeing the demo of the capabilities of the latest breed of PPM tools. How do you communicate the reality of the challenges of implementing an enterprise PPM tool? We shared our insights and examples of failed PPM implementations. We facilitated the PPM project with appropriate requirements analysis, planning, change readiness, adoption and training. Read more

  • 95% of projects are being tracked in the PPM system
  • 65% increased satisfaction with project reports
  • Challenges with use of all functionality, need additional training
  • 3% projected cost savings of total project budget

Program Management

This financial services organization in North America had gained maturity in project management over the years and there was increased delivery of on-time, within budget projects. However these projects were not being perceived as successful, due to systemic organizational barriers. PG identified the opportunity to introduce and implement program management and programmatic thinking. Read more

  • Identified individual initiatives and projects across silos that were related to be consolidated into 3 programs (7% of projects were identified as redundant)
  • Developed a Program Lifecycle and a related program management methodology and governance processes
  • Introduced benefits management with benefits identification, alignment, prioritization and realization

PM Training Program

How do you develop and cultivate a world-class PM talent to deliver successful projects for demanding clients in professional services engagements? PG developed a customized training program blended with classroom, e-learning and coaching components leading towards certification.Read more

  • 90% plus overall participant satisfaction with program
  • 85% participants reported direct application to job
  • 23% increase in project success rate
  • 80% standardization of project delivery
  • 7% reduction in project cost
  • 12% increase in client satisfaction

Introducing Agile

Like many organizations this organizations was getting push-back from PMs to abandon traditional methodologies and adapt agile. Management was open but skeptical. PG had been working with this organization for over 4 years in delivering various training programs. We were familiar with the organizational challenges and culture. We developed a plan to adopt a hybrid approach to implement agile, keeping in mind the reporting needs of management and customers.Read more

  • Implemented a hybrid approach to strike a balance between the extremes of agilists and traditionalists
  • 65% of projects are utilizing agile methods based on SCRUM and the rest are continuing to utilize traditional waterfall methodology
  • Overall results have not been assessed

Change Management

The healthcare industry that is going through unprecedented change due to the impact of new regulations, pressure for process efficiency and cost reductions. PG worked with this healthcare organization on a blueprint of the PMO as the change management office (CMO) to manage the multitude of change initiatives.Read more

  • Created a change management awareness and training program to better understand change from various perspectives
  • Developed an organizational change-readiness kit
  • Created a template and provided training to conducted a change absorption capacity assessment

Project Strategic Risk Assessment & Recovery

How do you assess and recover a high value strategic project that is rapidly going south and the issue list is multiplying? The original budget for this $40 million enterprise systems integration project had already exceeded $65 million when PG was engaged to perform a risk assessment and recovery of the project.Read more

  • Performed triage and re-prioritized project to focus on high-priority business objectives
  • Engaged key stakeholders and customers to understand key issues and garner support
  • Re-organized the project team and reduced the issue list by 25% in 30 days
  • Even though the project was over-budget and had to be delayed by 4 months, 80% of project objectives were met

Development of Performance Dashboard and Scorecards

There were a number of existing reports that were produced and distributed diligently, however there was a general sense of apathy because the reports did not provide meaningful information and transparency. PG reviewed existing reporting processes, systems and outputs and developed a comprehensive Performance Dashboard and Scorecard program. Read more

  • Consolidated and trimmed 30% of existing reports
  • Developed a performance scorecard for project managers
  • Identified key performance measures
  • Developed a key measure profile
  • Implemented a project dashboard and status report template
  • Implemented a portfolio dashboard for executive reporting

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