Building and Transforming the Next Generation PMO and Portfolio Management  

The project/program management office (PMO) has been a growing trend in recent years, although the reality of a turbulent business environment is posing new challenges for implementing PMOs. The pressure to deliver more with less and reduce overhead has created a need to find innovative approaches. Whether you are building a PMO to support and enhance your project management capabilities or to focus on the strategic aspects of portfolio management, you may encounter implementation challenges and mixed results. Although the PMO can offer tremendous benefits and have a strategic impact, the challenge is on the focus of the PMO and the way it is implemented and sustained.

This seminar is designed to anticipate and answer the questions associated with the creation and implementation of PMO and portfolio management proficiency. Beside the traditional elements of a PMO, this seminar will outline the steps necessary to establishing or enhancing a next-generation PMO that focuses on both the tactical and strategic aspects. You will also learn how to apply next generation approaches to transform your PMO to an agile and adaptive PMO to support and integrate agile practices.

This seminar will also focus on creating the right environment for portfolio management by providing a framework for project selection, prioritization, oversight and governance. Every organization is unique, and this seminar will provide a framework that will help you to assess your organizational environment and culture and craft a customized PMO and portfolio management.

Program Management - From Vision to Value Management & Benefits Realization  

Program Management (PgM) is emerging as the next big frontier in project management (PM). It is indeed the missing link to enhance Project Management to the next level and resolve some of the traditional Project Management challenges. This course will provide a holistic approach to managing strategic initiatives from vision to value management and benefits realization. You will learn to implement business strategies through an integrated portfolio of projects involving the management of multiple teams and executive-level stakeholders. True PgM is different from PM and requires a refined set of business and leadership skills that are vastly different from that of a project manager. This course provides the foundation that you need to prepare for PMI’s Program Management Professional (PgMP). It provides the knowledge, in an organized and immersive framework, that you need to improve your program management competency

Strategic Portfolio Management 

How does your organization formulate a strategy to achieve competitive success? How do projects contribute to the implementation of the organization’s strategy? How do you prioritize and balance your portfolio of initiatives, programs and projects to make the best use of available and limited resources? What criteria do you use to decide between competing options? Project portfolio management (PPM) is about selecting the right projects, but often the selection is not necessarily based on the appropriate approach. This course will focus on creating the right environment for portfolio management by providing a framework for project selection, prioritization, oversight and governance. In this course you will learn how to link your projects and programs to the business strategy, apply and maintain alignment of the strategy, and manage the expectations and interests of key stakeholders.

Managing the DANCE: Complex Projects Leadership  

Have you ever wondered why, no matter what you do, some projects fluctuate beyond the normal variance? You work hard to carefully manage the project, but the more you try to control it the harder it gets? What you have is a problem managing the DANCE! This course will highlight the reality of today’s complex project environments and challenge the existing beliefs of how we manage complex projects.

In complex projects of any size, but particularly mega projects it is challenging to identify the multitude of variables to be managed, let alone to anticipate how they might interact to create unexpected challenges, can be overwhelming. Managing complex projects requires a new way of thinking and a new approach. This course provides an innovative approach to assess project complexity and apply unconventional techniques to deal with it. You will learn how to determine the real complexity level, and develop an appropriate approach and plan that provides the right level of control and flexibility for success

Troubled Projects Recovery 

Have you ever worked on a troubled project? Sooner or later every project manager has to deal with a troubled project which. What is the appropriate approach to rapidly assess the troubled project and come up with a plan to bring the project back on track with speed and confidence? This course will outline techniques to rapidly assess the troubled aspects of the project. You will learn a balanced approach and get a chance to apply the related processes, tools and techniques to recover the project and develop a stabilization plan. This course will provide you with the seasoned skills necessary to not only spot and assess trouble, but also recover from it. You will learn how to identify key stakeholder priorities and instill a sense of confidence with management and customers to bring the project back on track.

Agile Project Management 

Agile project management is being adapted by more and more companies worldwide to deal with the realities of today’s complex project environments. In this course you will learn the latest agile methods and techniques and walk through an agile project lifecycle. Based on case studies and real world examples you will learn how you can adapt and integrate agile into your organization. You will see how agile is being implemented beyond systems and software as an evolving management approach in many disciplines and industries.

Measuring what Matters – Developing Meaningful KPIs and Balanced Scorecards  

More and more projects and project management are frequently under scrutiny in turbulent times. Project Management is under the gun, not just to deliver on time and within budget, but more importantly to demonstrate value and show project ROI. Typically reactive measurements that track trailing indicators are patched together as a reaction to events. Can these measures predict what direction your project is headed? What kind of indicators on your project dashboard might help you navigate your project through rough times? What are the measures that matter? What should the project scorecard look like to communicate and demonstrate project value? How do you create a project measurement program? This session will present a proactive project management scorecard approach. The focus will be on starting with a set of metrics unique to your project environment. Using examples of measurement techniques, the different approaches will be contrasted. Strategies for selecting relevant metrics and effectively communicating and showing value will be presented.

Unconventional Leadership, Influencing and Communications Skills  

There are many courses, books and programs on communications and leadership. But what are the unconventional skills that are often not discussed. Based on the latest research in psychology and neuroscience this course will highlight contemporary approaches in leadership, influencing and communications. Are you a mechanic or an artist? Do you know how to see? Do you know how to influence people to get what you want? This interactive course is designed to address these questions and provide you a different perspective and an opportunity for a truly transformational experience.

Managing Global Projects and Cross-cultural & Virtual Teams  

While there are many success stories, global projects are often complex and rife with friction and frustration. What project management approaches can you use to manage your global project in a virtual project environment? How do you manage global sub-contracting relationships? How can you proactively manage global risks? How do you deal with cultural, language, political, people and communications issues? What are the gotcha's to watch for? How do you realistically measure global sourcing value?

Note: This workshop can be customized to the specific country and cultural issues applicable to your environment. Participants get a focused exposure to dealing with specific global challenges they face in their current project environments.

Project Mechanic or Artist? Skills of Project Artistry  

Do you consider yourself a project artist? Typically, project managers do not think of themselves as artists. They see little room for artistic expression. This is a common misconception! In this course you can find out if you are more of a project mechanic or a project artist? You will learn why it is important to think like an artist and learn to identify and develop the skills of project artistry.There is more and more realization that projects require a different approach than goods or widgets produced in a factory. Particularly in today’s dynamic project environments with complex projects that have a great deal of uncertainty and ambiguity there is a need for new approaches with a different mindset. Projects by definition are unique and viewing and treating them with an artistic perspective can offer new insights to better manage them, and have them be perceived as successful with greater customer satisfaction. You will learn to recognize the need and benefits of developing an artistic approach and gain insights into project artistry. You will assess and apply the appropriate balance necessary between the art and science of managing projects and programs.

Next Generation Project Manager – An experiential workshop 

What do next generation project and program mangers do to become more successful and become indispensable to their organizations? What are the imperatives for the next generation of project and program management success? Gain new perspectives and fresh insights to deal with challenges you and your organization face in today’s turbulent times. You will get a chance to re-design and re-invent yourself and explore what’s next for you in this engaging and provocative seminar. The focus will be on the intersection of both, hard and soft skills of project management and prepare you to not only survive, but also to get ready to tap into the right opportunities. Focusing on next-generation ideas, this seminar will reveal unconventional leadership and communications skills that are characteristic of the top performing project and program managers. If you have gone through other traditional training programs but are looking for a fresh approach and new insights, this seminar is for you.

"Our primary purpose in this book is to teach you how to cook, so that you will understand fundamental techniques and gradually be able to divorce yourself from a dependence on recipes."
- Introduction to a recipe book by Simone Beck, Louisette Berthille, and Julia Child.

I attend many sessions, but in my 28 years of professional life, this was one of the best programs… it provided a lot of actionable ideas that we are implementing."
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